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A Trainer’s Philosophy: PHCH

When you train, think about your horse.

  • Consider his Personality. Is your horse quick-witted and bored easily or does he enjoy predictability and security in routine? Presented with a new lesson, does she feel challenged or tricked? Faced with new scenarios, is he confident and curious or a nervous numbskull?
  • Consider her Health. Is she bright-eyed and expressive or dull and disinterested? Is he calm and in good weight with a shiny coat or distracted and a difficult keeper?
  • Consider his Capabilities. Is he sound, able and eager to perform his job or is he resistant and difficult to coerce? Maybe your horse is so athletic that you struggle to keep up?
  • Consider her History. Does she have an illustrious career or a questionable past? Do previous owners boast about his accomplishments or are they reluctant to share?

I consider all these angles in training. Some answers are visible; many unfold as I go. 

By Stephanie von Bidder

Stephanie trains horses and riders at her Daybreak Farm in Aiken, S.C.

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Stephanie von Bidder

Stephanie von Bidder grew up in New York’s Westchester County, where she had the opportunity to learn from Patricia Neff, Jerry Carollo, Joe Fargis and Darren Graziano. She now lives in Aiken, South Carolina at her own Daybreak Farm, a full-service hunter and equitation show stable. She trains riders of all ages and abilities in addition to their four-legged counterparts. Von Bidder holds her SCHJA judge’s card and is applying for her USEF license. In 2010, she completed her USHJA Trainer’s Certification.

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