The World of Living with Horses

She sees me.

I walk out into the field as the sun eclipses over the peaks
I watch her watching me
Waiting for me to make the first move.
She’s waiting
waiting to play!
I turn to the back field and run at a full sprint
I hear a grunt and thundering hooves behind me
I look back to see earth and wind coming at me
Shante full throttle
Mariah with her mane and tail catching wind
They stop in front of me, nostrils flared, open eyes, ears on me
I run towards them and dart back and forth
inviting them to dance with me
now i’m chasing them!
We all stop after many sprints up and down the field and look at each other.
I motion to Shante’ to come closer, waving my hand.
She stands 200 feet away watching me.
I let go of my need for her and enjoy the sunset.
It is then that she comes closer
stands in front of me and nudges me gently
I rest my head on her tummy while I scratch her belly
she scratches my shoulder
and we both sigh.
I Thank her for being in my life.
My heart, fully grateful.

By Michelle Peterson