Eleven years ago I bought my wife an Andalusian and we realized we needed to find a companion for him. I was thinking about something flashy, like an Andalusian or a Friesian.

My wife’s horse bonded over the fence with our neighbors horse, basically a thoroughbred. The horse belonged to his daughter but wasn’t broken.  Five or six different cowboy owners had been repeatedly bucked off trying! At the time he was being dragged around the round pen on a lunge line like he was waterskiing- yelling & screaming.

Our neighbor agreed to sell me the horse whose name was Casey. I put a halter on Casey and for 2 years I never went on his back but we went on long walks. He didn’t trust any human. It was 3 years  of getting acquainted. We did deep work, he had lots of liberty & he turned out to be an amazing horse. Casey taught me the importance of having a relationship with a horse over training methods.

by Tony Stromberg