My grandmother is always getting on me about writing my story.. Needless to say it’s not something I have time or really want to do. I saw your story request and thought what the heck…. :o)

My first horse.. “Sammy” registered name “The Golden Machine”.. show name “Medicine Man”.

I remember my parents FINALLY decided to buy me a horse (I think I was 14). Leading up to this I was working at a barn for free in exchange for lessons. Although my parents could afford the lessons I was trying to prove I was responsible enough to own a horse.

So out we went with my trainer looking at horses for sale and we looked at a lot.. I fell in love with this 17hh liver chestnut gelding. He was big, he was pretty, he was very green and barn sour. About a week later my trainer comes up to me and says “hey.. we are going to go pick up your new horse! I was very excited and asked if it was the liver chestnut- “No.. Your parents are buying you the palomino you tried out the other day” WHAT!!! A YELLOW HORSE!!! A YELLOW HORSE doing Hunters!!! Are you kidding me!! Nope.. that is the one my parents decided on.

To make a very long, adventure filled story short That YELLOW horse ended up being not only my best friend but taking me to Atlanta for the 1996 Olympics (He was used in the Modern Pentathlon Event ridden by Richard Phelps of Great Britain). He was also on the cover of the American Quarter Horse Journal in August of 1996. I believe he was the first Palomino and one of the first Quarter horse’s to compete at the Olympics.

Sammy – 1996 Olympic Horse by Heather Vernon