ThatchMy name is Maura and I had always wanted to ride since I was young. At age 7 I got that wish and then 7 years later my parents agreed to get me a horse. I was excited, my best friend was on her third and I still just took lessons. I started dreaming of the perfect horse, black, tall with a mane and tail that was always flowing perfect. Not a speck of white on him. My black stallion as I had read in all the books.

Mom knew what I wanted, she had gone to visit horse friends in TX to find the right horse, and she found him. When she came home, she asked me if I cared what the horse looked like, being a good kid I said no, I just wanted a horse but deep inside I was crushed, for we both knew no black stallion for me.

Mom had seen the horse and knew what he looked like but would not tell me. So I waited at the barn for the horse trailer to pull in. Each minute it took the trailer to drive and park was killing me. I wanted to see this horse. Then finally it was time.

The trailer doors opened and out came a strawberry roan appy, just over 15 hands with a mane that looked like a thatched roof. He was not the black sleek tall horse I was looking for but I would not trade one of the next 7 years I had with him.

He became my best friend and I spent everyday that I could doing something with him. From bareback trailer rides to the show ring we did it all.

He was the best choice and it taught me to never judge anything by the package it comes in.