PacosI have a very fond memory of my first horse. He was a 15 hands bay mustang named Pacos – he was a blessing in my life. I was diagnosed with MS in 2001 and he was just 2 yrs old at the time he was the first one to the fence for food and the last one in the barn at night he would unlock the gate if he saw me outside working and would follow me around the yard like a dog. He would smile if it would get him attention. Thats all he wanted the more he had the better he was.

One day I had an attack from my MS in the field and couldn’t make it back to the house, He stood over me for hours till my husband came home and he whinnied till my husband came back and found me. Ever since that moment we had an unbreakable bond. We sorted cattle, ran barrels and would just go on trail rides. And anyone could ride him he was like a big babysitter. And that was my first horse, Pacos. (This is him smiling)