I was 12 yrs old & Mom didn’t want have a dog in the house but since I had been taking riding lessons they bought a quarter horse, 4 year old Holiday Rose.

We lived in Alaska and the barn was owned by a former cavalry officer Howard Taplin. He was with the last active calvary unit in the US. He built the 1st indoor arena in Alaska. He bought a used airplane hangar and moved it to his barn in Anchorage.

His wife Sammye had a way with animals so people would  bring her wild animals or just animals. She started the Alaska children’s zoo first at the barn and then next door.

We had a seal pool in a corner of the indoor arena where only Ollye the 1st seal lived. My mare hated going in the corner cause Ollye loved to stick his nose up and say hello to her.

Annabelle was Holiday Rose’s best friend she was a baby Indian elephant. She became one of the core animals in the Alaska Children’s Zoo.
Holiday Rose was the only horse to ever win an American Horse Show Association soft seat medal & hunt seat medal at the same show!

by Terry Berg, Horse Barn Manager @ Santa Fe Equestrian Center