My First Horse Story started when I rode Blackie my neighbor’s horse. I fell in love with her & I had to have a horse of my own.

I posted an ad on craigslist asking for anyone to give me a horse.  I checked my emails fifty times a day for two weeks.  I had several messages but nothing that really hit me in the gut.  Finally I woke up one morning and there was an email from a lady saying she had several horses that I could choose from. Based on my craigslist ad she recommended Pitch. We emailed back and forth for the next couple of days.  We discussed the ins and outs of Pitch, she explained that he had been abused, he hadn’t been ridden in a while. With all this information laying on my mind, I decided I would go get the horse.  When we got there he was a lot bigger than what I expected or wanted.  But I was determined I would not let my small stature keep me from riding him.

We got Pitch home without any incident.  I put him in a pasture for a few hours then as the shade came over the yard I decided I’m going to see what I have gotten.  I saddled him up, certain he was just as nervous as I was.  I took a final deep breath and I climbed up on him.  I was a little scared at first but after a few minutes of us getting to know each other, we were off like the wind.  I still have Pitch and we ride often.

Oh did I leave out the part about my only being on a horse for the first time 2 weeks before on Blackie!

By Christie