I was orphaned by the time I was 8, the youngest of 7 siblings, and raised by my brother in New York City. I was a “Fresh Air Fund” kid…it was a program which still exists  where underprivileged city children were hosted by a family in the country for 2 weeks every year. The Overholts were my Fresh Air family. Loretta, their daughter, and I became lifelong friends. I started visiting in 1979 and came every summer until 1987. By then of course I was coming on my own. During my visits I would ride Scooby a neighbor’s Appaloosa, I fell in love with riding.

In 1991 I bought my first horse, every girl’s dream a Palomino Quarter Horse named Corona. In 2008 I lost everything. I went to Federal Prison for four years for a white-collar crime, securities fraud. The only address I could remember in prison was the Overholts, all the others were lost with my cell phone. I wrote to Loretta and we made plans for me to come and live in VA upon my release, so here I am in VA.

I dreamed of riding in prison for 4 years, I was sent horse books, calendars, and magazines. I watched the Triple Crown. About a month ago I found a track rescue, I’m Silver, who is now my riding companion. I cannot describe the emotions of that first ride it was glorious.

By Christine Anderson