My father was a race horse trainer & this is a story when I was about 3 years old.  One of the horses my Dad had was called Army Pal.  He was not friendly to most people & would bite or if you were in his stall he would try to corner you.  For some reason, this big race horse liked me. During feeding time, I used to always run up to his stall & he would put his head over the gate for me to pet him.

One of his favorite things was to nibble on my pants legs as I petted him.  He never once tried to bite or hurt me.  One day the owner & his wife came out and of course the first thing I did was make a bee line for Army Pal. He put his head down for me & started nibbling my pants legs.  When the owner’s wife saw this she did a quick intake of her breath & made some other noise to startle the horse.  Army Pal raised his head, but he still was holding my pants legs so he turned me upside down & then he backed into his stall.  They were all shocked & horrified that he would hurt me so they all made their way to the door of the stall.  While this was going on Army Pal very gently lowered me into the straw & let go of me & backed up.  I got up, brushed off the straw then looked at him, doubled up my tiny fist & hit him in the nose saying “Don’t you Ever do that Again!!”  He shook his head because I got him right on his nose.  They were all holding their breath because they were sure Army Pal would now hurt me, but he looked at me & lowered his head for me to pet him. I then turned & walked under his door gate to very surprised owners. After that he never nibbled on my pant legs again!

The main reason I know all of this is because it is a story I hear often from my parents.  I can’t remember his owners names or what happened to him, but it is a very nice memory.

Fierce Racehorse & 3 Year Old! by Pam