I grew up on racetracks where my Dad worked & then we moved to Boulder City, NV in 1962. Once settled my Dad got a job working for one of the local Arabian Horse ranches.

One day he took me & my mom out to the horse corrals for a surprise.  We met up with Pep who, I think, was the town farrier. He was there with this huge brown horse who was saddled & bridled. She was a mustang named Dancer.  Pep had used her for roping wild burros but she stepped in a snake hole & when she fell she landed in a barrel cactus so she was blind in one eye.  Pep asked if I wanted to ride her & of course I did.  After riding around the corral area, he asked me if I would like to keep her.  Of Course I said yes!

Dancer & I were best friends for many years.  I taught her “little” things like walking without holding a lead, neck reining, trail riding etc. I even rode her in parades. She was my best friend. She could gallop almost forever with me on her back.