I’m a mother of two beautiful girls. My oldest is just two years old.  I still remember the day I got Daisy, my Appaloosa mare. She is 14.2 hands & 18 years old now but still the best horse I’ve ever owned. She is a roan, with black and white on the front half of her body and legs, but on her rump, she has the most beautiful blanket spotting. It’s white with large black spots.

     My parents were divorced and they planned a surprise for me on one of my birthdays. I had been visiting my Dad and he was going to drop me   off on Sunday at my papaw’s house. My mother and I still lived in the city at the time. When I arrived at my papaw’s farm, there was my Daisy. With a pretty purple halter on and all brushed pretty and clean. I had on a little green summer dress. I thought we matched and complemented each other wonderfully. We went for our first ride that same afternoon.

As I got a bit older, I moved up to a larger horse. My younger sister then started riding Daisy & she became her horse.  Now I’m teaching my two-year-old daughter to ride on little Daisy!

By Danielle Damrell