Where to begin…. I have loved hoses since I was knee high to a chicken leg! My sister got her first pony when I was about 7 and I was so jealous, then she sold it and got a real horse, an appaloosa.

We lived in Boring and I would sit in an empty field crying, watching all the girls riding their horses. Finally, when I was 10 we moved to Colton. I picked strawberries, marionberries…. anything that I could make money doing I did… babysit, clean stalls. I didn’t care!

So, I bought my first pony with my own money when I was 10. She was a Welsh pony and I got her, a halter, bridle and saddle all for $100. I loved her so much! I joined 4-H and I showed her for the next 2 years at the county fair and rode her in the Molalla Buckaroo 4th of July parade every year!

by Marla