AlaboutmeI guess what was cool about Ala Bout Me was the following: He is an Arab, and the shieks of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, like to test their freshman arab race horses in Texas, under assumed names….if they make the cut, they go on to race in the Holy Land.

Can you see the spectacle? The horses arrive in a $80,000 horse trailer…with an elevator in it! A staff veterinarian travels with the horse. A $50K truck is used to haul the trailer. The trailer has lights in it like it were a casino. Apparantly, they pay millions to get the horses. So the entourage looks like, well like, Michael Jackson were in town.

Me,  I bought my horse  for $1000, my trailer (a single horse) out of Aubrey Texas for $700. My used SUV sold for $1600 recently. My girlfriend and I, well, we slept in the back seat of the SUV, in the Sam Houston Grandstand parking lot.

That’s the story. Oh, about the race….we won.

Ala Bout Me – My Arab racehorse By Carlos Moore