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My Horse Story

Every horse tells a story, whether it’s your first horse, your best trail ride ever, or a horse with whom you were truly connected. Stories of the miracles that can happen in our relationship with our horses, like the incredible story we received of Ginger, Cowboy…and a little boy who found his voice.

Someone who has never owned a horse seldom appreciates this, but you know that “owning” a horse really means being a fortunate partner in one of the most important, lifelong relationships we will ever experience.  And sometimes, that relationship reaches out to touch our friends, family, and – as Ginger experienced – even a stranger.

Ariana Coaxed into a Canter

Ariana Coaxed into a Canter

No matter what type of horse you own now or what type of riding you enjoy, you have a horse story…probably many horse stories.

Stephanie von Bidder is a horse trainer from South Carolina, and shares her personal Trainer’s Philosophy with us. Stephanie trains horses and riders at her Daybreak Farm in Aiken, S.C. and writes regular articles on effective horse training including the story of Ariana Turn Brood Mare into Diva and of Maddie, who while warming-up for her first big night class under the lights makes it clear that she’s a mare on a mission…but not Stephanie’s mission!

We’ve already collected some incredibly personal stories on the theme of “My First Horse”.

We share Cara’s deeply personal memories of her horse Clark, 16 years after they were wrenched apart, in her article Dear Clark – On This Day, 16 Years Ago.

Ringo and the Columbia Gorge

Ringo at the Columbia Gorge

Jennifer shares her Musings Along the Columbia River Gorge including a breathtaking photograph of her and Ringo overlooking the Columbia Gorge.

And Cherry, a blind, blanket/leopard Appaloosa who would always trot up to the gate when he heard Keirstyn’s voice. Shannon, from Vail, AZ, shared the story of her first horse, Sparkle, who stole her heart. Of course every horse owner remembers their first horse, even very experienced riders, and regular contributor Caroline Invicta Stevenson is no exception who shares the story of her favorite pony, a pinto called Daisy who was so soft and smelled so sweet.

You may own one or two horses, but a number of our contributors are fortunate enough in their professions to work with many horses every week. Photographer Carol Walker‘s work appears in leading horse magazines and on catalog covers, and one of her passions is saving our vanishing wild horses. Read about Carol’s work and glean some of her tips for photographing horses.

Would you like to share your horse story? We’d love to hear it.