The World of Living with Horses

Angel Ginny




In December of 1998 just before Christmas our home burned to the ground. Our family of five lost everything we owned, including our pets to the flames. Out of the ashes we managed to rebuild our lives. We shoveled our old house into a dumpster on Christmas and continued until New Year’s. The depression and dark cloud that loomed heavily over my daughter’s head was frightening. She was a kindergartener and so I asked a friend if we could pet her horse. I felt a new life glimmer and saw a twinkle in my child’s eye for the first time in a year. That contact with the horse brought a despondent family that was swirling down into the funnel of depression and dysfunction, a new breath of life. We bought a pair of horses and began to rebuild our lives.

My 6 year-old daughter who had been mostly dispirited and depressed began to engage in the world again. We all did. Horses have a power that is hard to explain.  They heal what is broken. Our mare has gone over rainbow bridge and our best gelding too, but they leave behind a sea of people changed and touched by their gentleness.

A broken heart, a truly broken person can be renewed from the outside in by a horse, when they can’t function from the inside out.

I know all too well what the dark abyss is and how slippery the slope can be as well as how fragile we are as people and how far we can fall. The climb is so much easier on the back of a trusted steed. As for Ginny, she was an angel and she still is.


By Janice Chipman