The World of Living with Horses

Fleeting Moment With a Grey Mare

This might not be what you are looking for but as a lifetime rider at age 64, this has stayed with me as my favorite ride.

As a child, my parents use to take my sister and me to the Homestead, in Hot Springs, Va. I was the horse nut, my sister was a swimmer. As years passed and my riding improved they finally let me take horses out on the trails alone without a guide. Quite a priviledge back then. I had learned all of the trails and they would wind up and down the mountians, pretty much the same scenery woods, streams and the golf course.

Soon I was able to choose my mount from their stable, I was at that time 16, and a total nut and still am for a good looking gray mare! Well, there she was pretty as a painting and sweet and quick, so off we went. Well, I got to a fork on the trail and decided to go left, never having taken that route.We rode up and up the mountain thru the woods, still on the trail but deep and dark. At the top it suddenly opened up and I was looking down thru my beautiful pair of grey ears in front of me, at this plush green, rolling pastured farm, with sheep, large boulders, purple flowers, a bold creek, gold finches everywhere, and a beautiful old country cottage. No one was there, but the horse trail lead down thru this fairytale scene, past the sheep, flowers, over the creek, past the cottage, up the hill, until we were swallowed up by the woods again and descended down the mountain back the long trail to the hotel.

To this day, I often wonder about that place, who lived there, how did it get up there. But mostly I enjoy the magical ride I shared only with a beautiful grey mare as fleeting as that ride. Thanks for letting me share this.

By Maureen Brown