Star York and Horse

My name is Star Liana York, and I have been sculpting professionally for more than 30 years. Although I have always favored figurative subjects, my interests have taken me in different directions, exploring different styles as a way to remain fresh and creative. That I would sculpt equines, then, was inevitable, given my passion for riding, as well as for breeding and training horses. That I would discover varied approaches to sculpting them, depending on the aspect I wish to express, has been an artistic adventure.

Horses carry such strong iconic symbolism for humankind, perhaps because their domestication profoundly affected cultures the world over. When sculpting horses inspired by the first equine paintings during the Paleolithic era 30,000 years ago, I have preferred a more stylized approach.

Exploring artists’ perspectives on horses historically has inspired me to experiment, to stretch my own skills as a sculptor and, in this way, to challenge viewers of my work.

by Star Liana York

Mares of the Ice Age

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